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B&W City, Green Devil

While in my senior year at Emerson College, I took the final photography production class: Photo Practicum. Our assignment was to focus on one unified photo series throughout the semester; finding something that resonated with us and we wanted to share with a wider audience. I chose to focus my energy on producing an homage to the great landscape designer Fredrick Law Olmsted, known for projects such as Central Park,  The Chicago World's Fair, and Shelburne Farms in my home state of Vermont. Olmsted was contracted to design Boston's famed Emerald Necklace, a series of interconnected parks which ring Boston from the Charles down to Franklin Park. Using medium format, black and white photography, I decided to focus not on the rich lushness of Olmsted's work, but rather on the intricate placement of vegetation and the sculpting of the land itself; how this creates an isolated yet welcoming environment where one can find respite from the bustle of a modern city. 

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