BLM Land Pano 1(Near Kanab) [Downsized].jpg


Sometimes, working in the visual arts demands a long form study of a subject or topic. This can be done to explore new material, gain familiarity with a new concept, or discover oneself through dedication to a singular idea.


B&W City,  Green Devil

This project was done for my  senior year Photo Practicum class, a class dedicated to long form projects thus allowing students to generate and expand upon a concept. It is an homage to Fredrick Law Olmsted and a study on isolation, serenity, and humanity's relationship to the wilderness. Shot exclusively on Holga medium-format cameras. 

Sand Caves 3.jpg

I had the opportunity to drive across the  country and found myself understandably awestruck by the natural wonder of America's still wild West. Having explored panoramas in previous works, especially B&W City, Green Devil,  I wanted to apply the grandiose scale of panoramas to the all encompassing views of Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Petroglyphs 4.jpg


Who knows where my passions will take me?